Yarin, L.P.

The Pi-Theorem Applications to Fluid Mechanics and Heat and Mass Transfer / [electronic resource] : by L.P. Yarin. - XXVI, 306 p. online resource. - Experimental Fluid Mechanics ; 1 .

Basics of the dimensional analysis -- Application of the Pi-theorem to establish self-similarity and reduce partial differential equations to the ordinary ones -- Drag force acting on a body moving in viscous fluid -- Laminar flows in channels and pipes -- Jet flows -- Heat and mass transfer -- Turbulence -- Combustion processes.

This volume presents applications of the Pi-Theorem to fluid mechanics and heat and mass transfer. The Pi-theorem yields a physical motivation behind many flow processes and therefore it constitutes a valuable tool for the intelligent planning of experiments in fluids. After a short introduction to the underlying differential equations and their treatments, the author presents many novel approaches how to use the Pi-theorem to understand fluid mechanical issues. The book is a great value to the fluid mechanics community, as it cuts across many subdisciplines of experimental fluid mechanics.


Computer science--Mathematics.
Hydraulic engineering.
Engineering Fluid Dynamics.
Fluid- and Aerodynamics.
Engineering Thermodynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer.
Computational Mathematics and Numerical Analysis.


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