Anastassiou, George A.

Intelligent Routines Solving Mathematical Analysis with Matlab, Mathcad, Mathematica and Maple / [electronic resource] : by George A. Anastassiou, Iuliana F. Iatan. - XIV, 582 p. 97 illus. online resource. - Intelligent Systems Reference Library, 39 1868-4394 ; .

Sequences and Series of Numbers -- Power Series -- Differentiation Theory of the Functions -- Fundamentals of Field Theory -- Implicit Functions -- Terminology About Integral Calculus -- Equations and Systems of Linear Ordinary Differential Equations -- Line and Double Integral Calculus -- Triple and Surface Integral Calculus.

Real Analysis is a discipline of intensive study in many institutions of higher education, because it contains useful concepts and fundamental results in the study of mathematics and physics, of the technical disciplines and geometry. This book is the first one of its kind that solves mathematical analysis problems with all four related main software Matlab, Mathcad, Mathematica and Maple. Besides the fundamental theoretical notions, the book contains many exercises, solved both mathematically and by computer, using: Matlab 7.9, Mathcad 14, Mathematica 8 or Maple 15 programming languages. The book is divided into nine chapters, which illustrate the application of the mathematical concepts using the computer. Each chapter presents the fundamental concepts and the elements required to solve the problems contained in that chapter and finishes with some problems left to be solved by the readers. The calculations can be verified by using  a specific software such as Matlab, Mathcad, Mathematica or Maple.


Global analysis (Mathematics).
Computer science--Mathematics.
Computational Intelligence.
Computational Mathematics and Numerical Analysis.


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