Buchmann, Johannes A.

Internet Privacy Options for adequate realisation / [electronic resource] : edited by Johannes A. Buchmann. - 112 p. online resource. - acatech STUDY, May 2013, 2192-6174 .

Introduction -- Core values and their relation to privacy -- The Characteristics and Benefits of Online Social Networks -- Characterization of E-Commerce -- Privacy Threats and their Impact on the Core Values -- Options for Achieving Privacy in Online Social Networks and E-Commerce.

A thorough multidisciplinary analysis of various perspectives on internet privacy was published as the first volume of a study, revealing the results of the achatech project "Internet Privacy - A Culture of Privacy and Trust on the Internet." The second publication from this project presents integrated, interdisciplinary options for improving privacy on the Internet utilising a normative, value-oriented approach. The ways in which privacy promotes and preconditions fundamental societal values and how privacy violations endanger the flourishing of said values are exemplified. The conditions which must be fulfilled in order to achieve a culture of privacy and trust on the internet are illuminated. This volume presents options for policy-makers, educators, businesses and technology experts how to facilitate solutions for more privacy on the Internet and identifies further research requirements in this area.


Computer vision.
Mass media--Law and legislation.
Management information systems.
Social sciences.
Communications Engineering, Networks.
Computer Imaging, Vision, Pattern Recognition and Graphics.
Social Sciences, general.
Business Information Systems.
Media Law.
Humanities, general.