Kumar, Veerendra.

Proceedings of All India Seminar on Biomedical Engineering 2012 (AISOBE 2012) [electronic resource] / edited by Veerendra Kumar, Mukta Bhatele. - XV, 294 p. 144 illus. online resource. - Lecture Notes in Bioengineering, 2195-271X .

Stereolithography - A Recent Tool in Diagnosis, Treatment Planning and Management of Craniofacial Deformities -- Image Denoising by Data Adaptive and Non-data Adaptive Transform Domain Denoising Method Using EEG Signal -- Flowing Human Blood Based Transistor -- Endoscopic Treatment of Arachnoid Cyst -- There-dimensional Finite Element Analysis of Human Femur: A Comparative Study -- A Novel Vital Sign Monitor Which Can Save Lives -- A Brief Review on Role of Nanotechnology in Medical Sciences -- Finite Element Modelling of Human Femur Using CT Data: A Biomechanical Analysis -- Chondroitin Sulfate Surface Engineered Docetaxel Loaded Liposomes for Tumor Targeting: Design, Development and Characterization -- Photoluminescence Studies of CdS Nanoparticles -- Biomechanical Analysis of the RP Model of Human Humerus Bone and Its Comparison with the Real Proximal Humeral Bone -- Finite Element Application to Human Humerus Bone: A Biomechanical Study -- Digital Watermarking of Medical Images -- Applications of Wavelet Transform in Registration, Segmentation, De-noising and Compression of Medical Images -- Study of Science and Engineering in Biomedical -- A Novel Approach for Finding Frequent Medicine Set Using Maximal Apriori for Medical Application -- Security Issues in Monitoring Medical Disease through Vehicular Ad hoc Network -- Remote Blood Pressure Monitoring Using a Wireless Sensor Network -- A Reliable Sensor Data Collection Network for Health Monitoring -- An Efficient Approach to Categorize Data by Using Improved Dendritic Cell Algorithm with Dempster Belief Theory -- Efficient Intrusion Detection with KNN Classification and Ds-theory -- An Improved ANN-BPN to Radial Distribution System Load Flow -- Biologically Motivated Approaches for Complex Problem Solving -- Improving High Embedding Capacity Using Artificial Immune System - A Novel Approach for Data Hiding -- A Novel Approach for Intrusion Detection System Using Artificial Immune System -- A Performance Centric Comparative Study of Hybrid Security Protocol Architectures -- Social Engineering: A Psychological Hacking To Temper Medical Security -- Fixed and Mobile Infrastructure-based Routing Protocol in Opportunistic Networks -- An Innovation in Education through Cloud Computing -- Digital Image Processing for the Thermal Images to Find Land Cover and Vegetation Density -- PID Controller Tuning Using Soft Computing Techniques -- Improvising the Ad hoc On-demand Distance Vector (AODV) Routing Protocol When Nodes or Links Fails.

This book is a collection of articles presented by researchers and practitioners, including engineers, biologists, health professionals and informatics/computer scientists, interested in both theoretical advances and applications of information systems, artificial intelligence, signal processing, electronics and other engineering tools in areas related to biology and medicine in the All India Seminar on Biomedical Engineering 2012 (AISOBE 2012), organized by The Institution of Engineers (India), Jabalpur Local Centre, Jabalpur, India during November 3-4, 2012. The content of the book is useful to doctors, engineers, researchers and academicians as well as industry professionals.


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