Bajd, Tadej.

Robotics [electronic resource] / by Tadej Bajd, Matja¿ Mihelj, Jadran Lenarcic, Ale¿ Stanovnik, Marko Munih. - VIII, 152p. online resource. - Intelligent Systems, Control and Automation: Science and Engineering ; 43 .

Homogenous transformation matrices -- Geometric description of the robot mechanism -- Two-segment robot manipulator -- Robot sensors -- Trajectory planning -- Robot control -- Robot environment -- Standards and safety in robotics.

This introductory text treats the following subjects: the basic characteristics of industrial robot mechanisms; the pose and movement of an object, which are described by homogenous transformation matrices; a geometric model of robot mechanism; a short introduction into kinematics and dynamics of robots; robot sensors and the planning of robot trajectories; basic control schemes resulting in either desired end-effector trajectory or force; robot grippers and feeding devices, which are described together with the basics of robot vision; the planning of robot assembly; and finally, robot standards and safety are briefly dealt with. The book concludes with a glossary in English, French and German. This volume is supplementary reading for courses in robotics or industrial robotics and requires minimal knowledge of physics and mathematics.


Artificial intelligence.
Control, Robotics, Mechatronics.
Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics).
Manufacturing, Machines, Tools.