Pandya, Jayshree.

The Global Age NGIOA @ Risk / [electronic resource] : by Jayshree Pandya. - XXI, 342p. online resource. - Topics in Safety, Risk, Reliability and Quality, 17 1566-0443 ; .

NGIOA @ Risk Introduction -- Global Age: NGIOA @ Risk -- Global Risk History -- Global Risk History -- Lessons Learned -- Global Risk History and Lessons Learned -- Changing Global Fundamentals: Nations and Shifting Priorities -- Changing Global Fundamentals -- Global Economic Slowdown: Deficit Dive and Nations @ Risk -- Global Economic Slowdown -- Need for Non-Partisan Integrated Holistic View -- Global NGIOA Convergence -- Need for Understanding Global Interdependency Risks -- Need for Understanding Global Interdependency Risks -- Critical Global Risks -- Critical Global Risks.

Dr. Jayshree Pandya, founder of Risk Group LLC, is ahead of the curve in addressing the changing global fundamentals of the emerging Global Age.   The Global Age, and its changing global fundamentals has brought complex, chaotic, and turbulent times for every nation—where failures on all levels have become self-evident, repetitive, destructive, and potentially hopeless in nature and uncertainty. Nations are caught off guard.   From what is visible worldwide today, the promise of progress and prosperity for all nations does not seem to have materialized in this Global Age. Instead of progress and prosperity, we see crisis and catastrophe  overpowering and overwhelming the capability of most nations to meet their promise of progress and prosperity. Nations are in crisis. This introductory book addresses the global shifts and the changing global fundamentals of the Global Age, to lay out a much needed foundation of an integrated NGIOA risk governance framework for the near future. This book will make a convincing case for the far-reaching need and understanding of global risk concepts, global risk fundamentals, and risk centric integrated NGIOA governance. The integrated NGIOA risk governance approach proposed and discussed in this initiative is rational, practical, and feasible. It will help create a dynamic, vibrant, and sustainable NGIOA economy for the Global Age. This initiative is a first step towards that.  


System safety.
International economics.
Quality Control, Reliability, Safety and Risk.
International Economics.
Business/Management Science, general.
Private International Law, International & Foreign Law, Comparative Law.


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