Kachanov, Mark.

Effective Properties of Heterogeneous Materials [electronic resource] / edited by Mark Kachanov, Igor Sevostianov. - VII, 389 p. 120 illus., 58 illus. in color. online resource. - Solid Mechanics and Its Applications, 193 0925-0042 ; .

1 Non-interaction approximation in the problem of effective properties -- 2 Multipole expansion method in micromechanics of composites.- 3 Effective field method in the theory of heterogeneous media.- 4 Effective properties of composite materials, reinforced structures and smart composites: Asymptotic homogenization approach -- 5 Basic microstructure-macroproperty calculations.

The book contains state-of the-art reviews in the area of effective properties of heterogeneous materials - the classical field at interface of materials science and solid mechanics. The primary focus is on thermo-mechanical properties, materials science applications, as well as computational aspects and new opportunities provided by rapidly increasing computer powers. The reviews are at the level that is appropriate for a substantial community of researchers working in this field, both at universities and in the industry, and to graduate students. The book can be used as supplementary reading to graduate level courses.


Mechanical engineering.
Continuum Mechanics and Mechanics of Materials.
Structural Materials.
Mechanical Engineering.


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