Sharma, Vinod P.

Nature at Work: Ongoing Saga of Evolution [electronic resource] / edited by Vinod P. Sharma. - Approx. 400 p. 40 illus., 25 illus. in color. online resource.

Legacy Continuum -- The descent of humans and the Darwinian unification of all life -- Ida: A link to human evolution -- Darwin’s theory of evolution: Survival of nature’s fit! -- The life and research of JBS Haldane in India with special reference to Charles Darwin -- Charles Darwin: A driving force for humanity toward agnosticism -- Viruses, Microbes and Fungi -- Phylogeographic evolution of plant viruses -- Evolution of HIV-1 in India -- Darwin and microbial evolution -- Evolutionary relationships among cyanobacteria, algae and plants: Revisited in the light of Darwinism -- Biodiversity, phylogeny and evolution of fungi -- Insects: Evolution in Action -- The origin of reproductive isolating mechanisms is an important event in the process of speciation: Evidences from Drosophila -- Adaptive radiation and insects -- Insights from mosquito evolution: Patterns, tempo and speciation -- The saga of pollination biology -- Genomics -- Darwinian evolution and post developments in genomics -- Pathogen pressure and molecular evolutionary genetics of innate immunity genes in humans -- Unique Case Studies -- Macroevolution in relation to the drift models of the Indian plate -- Testing the melanism-desiccation hypothesis: A case study in Darwinian evolution -- Origin and evolution of human malaria parasite, P. falciparum and P. vivax -- Evolutionary trends in soil-inhabiting alaimid nematodes -- Evolution of the cerebral cortex in amniotes: Anatomical consideration of neuronal types -- Medicinal and aromatic plants: A case example of evolving secondary metabolome and biochemical pathway diversity -- Conservation of Himalayan bioresources: An ecological, economical and evolutionary perspective.


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