Innovations in bridge engineering technology / edited by Khaled M. Mahmoud. - London : Taylor & Francis, 2007. - xii, 289 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.

Selected conference papers presented at the 4th New York City Bridge Conference, New York City, August 27-28, 2007.

Includes bibliographical references.

Concrete segmental & post tensioned bridges: International state of practice in the inspection of grouted duct post-tensioned concrete bridge beams and decks / Durability of concrete segmental bridges / Cyclic tests of precast segmental unbonded post-tensioned concrete bridge piers / Inspection and rehabilitation of Jamestown-Verrazzano segmental concrete bridge / Cable-supported bridges: Ultimate capacity of suspension bridges with arbitrary imperfect towers / Cable supported footbridge analysis with construction staging / Locked coil cable assemblies for bridges / Seismic analysis & design: Sliding isolation bearings in cold weather climates / Results of tests performed on lead-rubber seismic isolators with deformed masonry plates / Humboldt Bay Middle Channel Bridge: 3D bridge-foundations-ground system / Bridge design, fabrication & testing: Design of Florida Avenue Bridge over the Inner Harbor Canal / Heat curving HPS 485W bridge I-girders / Testing of a novel flexible concrete system / Bridge construction & rehabilitation: Westfield Great River Bridge / Renewing the Crooked Fork Creek Bridge / Rapid delivery! New Jersey overnights bridge rehabilitation for Trenton bridges / Accelerated constructin of precast concrete piers on the Route 70 over Manasquan River Bridge Replacement Project / Improving tomorrow's infrastructure: extending the life of concrete structures with solid stainless steel reinforcing bar / Bridge inspection, monitoring & condition asssessment: Use of structural health monitoring techniques for a forensic study of bridge accidents / Bridge management and inspection system for Montgomery County, Maryland / Objective condition states for concrete bridge deck assessment / The 2006 rope access inspection of the Brooklyn Bridge towers: a new view of an old bridge / Walkway over the Hudson (historic bridge to Northeast recreational destination) / Aesthetics and durability aspects in the realization of small and medium span arch bridges / Hawkesbury Railway Bridge near Sydney, Australia / Historic bridge replacement: a collaborative approach to context sensitive design / M.C. Forde & M. Ohtsu ; D.I. Banic, Z. Banic & D. Tkalcik ; Y.-C. Ou, G.C. Lee, P.-H. Wang, M.-S. Tsai & K.C. Chang ; M.J. Abrahams, S. Kaufman & P. Fisk -- M. Inoue ; A. Caner ; M. Bechtold, F.E. Rentmeister & B. Mordue -- 3. R.J. Watson ; M. Jacak & J. Pezzotti ; T. Trombetti, G. Gasparini, A. Elgamal & D. Forcellini -- E.T. Nelson ; A.N. Gergess & R. Sen ; S.E. Taylor, D. Robinson, A.E. Long & A. Gupta -- M. Ennis ; G.S. Wilson ; H.A. Capers, Jr. & X.H. Cheng ; E. Yermack ; R.E. Schnell & M.P. Bergmann -- H.B. Yun, R.D. Nayeri, R.W. Wolfe, S.F. Masri, M. Wahbeh, F. Tasbihgoo, J.P. Caffrey & L-H. Sheng ; J.K. Shaffer & M.C. Schellhase ; M.L. Knight ; J.C. Schmidt -- P. Melewski, M. McLaren, J. Green & D. Thurnherr ; E. Siviero & A. Zanchettin ; K. Gandhi ; T.P. Piotrowski & B. Chamberlin. 1. 2. 4. 5. 6. 7. Bridge history & aesthetics:

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Bridges--Design and construction

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