Lee, Cheng-Few.

Statistics for Business and Financial Economics [electronic resource] / by Cheng-Few Lee, John C. Lee, Alice C. Lee. - 3rd ed. 2013. - XLVIII, 1206 p. 313 illus., 189 illus. in color. online resource.

Introduction and Descriptive Statistics -- Probability and Important Distributions -- Statistical Inferences Based on Samples -- Regression and Correlation: Relating Two or More Variables -- Selected Topics in Statistical Analysis for Business and Economics -- Appendices -- Index.

Statistics for Business and Financial Economics, 3rd edition is the definitive Business Statistics book to use Finance, Economics, and Accounting data throughout the entire book. Therefore, this book gives students an understanding of how to apply the methodology of statistics to real world situations. In particular, this book shows how descriptive statistics, probability, statistical distributions, statistical inference, regression methods, and statistical decision theory can be used to analyze individual stock price, stock index, stock rate of return, market rate of return, and decision making. In addition, this book also shows how time-series analysis and the statistical decision theory method can be used to analyze accounting and financial data. In this fully-revised edition, the real world examples have been reconfigured and sections have been edited for better understanding of the topics.


Statistics for Business/Economics/Mathematical Finance/Insurance.
Statistics, general.
Financial Economics.