Oswald Spring, Úrsula.

Water Resources in Mexico Scarcity, Degradation, Stress, Conflicts, Management, and Policy / [electronic resource] : edited by Úrsula Oswald Spring. - XXX, 530 p. online resource. - Hexagon Series on Human and Environmental Security and Peace, 7 1865-5793 ; .

Part I: Hydrological processes, management of basins and their interaction with climate, soil and biota -- Part 2: Uses of water, availability and alternative sources -- Part 3: Quality of water, pollution and health -- Part 4: Social effects, conflicts and hydro-diplomacy -- Part 5: Public policy, institutions and legal aspects.

Water resources in Mexico are threatened by scarcity, pollution and climate change. In two decades water consumption doubled, producing water stress in dry seasons and semi-arid and arid regions. Water stress rises due to physical and economic stress. In seven parts a multidisciplinary team analyzes hydrological processes in basins and their interaction with climate, soil and biota. Competing water use in agriculture, industry and domestic needs require savings, decontamination processes and desalination to satisfy the growing demand. Water quality affects health and ecosystems. This creates conflicts and cooperation that may be enhanced by public policy, institution building and social organization.


Hydraulic engineering.
Physical geography.
Soil conservation.
Earth Sciences.
Soil Science & Conservation.
Physical Geography.



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