Margottini, Claudio.

Landslide Science and Practice Volume 5: Complex Environment / [electronic resource] : edited by Claudio Margottini, Paolo Canuti, Kyoji Sassa. - XVI, 354 p. 349 illus., 286 illus. in color. online resource.

Landslides and Reservoirs -- Submarine Landslides and Tsunami -- Landslides in Coastal Areas -- Seismically Induced Landslides and Seismic Landslide Hazard Analysis.

This book contains peer-reviewed papers from the Second World Landslide Forum, organised by the International Consortium on Landslides (ICL), that took place in September 2011. The entire material from the conference has been split into seven volumes, this oneĀ is the fifth: Landslide Inventory and Susceptibility and Hazard Zoning, Early Warning, Instrumentation and Monitoring, Spatial Analysis and Modelling, Global Environmental Change, Complex Environment, Risk Assessment, Management and Mitigation, Social and Economic Impact and Policies.


Physical geography.
Hydraulic engineering.
Earth Sciences.
Natural Hazards.
Physical Geography.
Geoengineering, Foundations, Hydraulics.
Environmental Science and Engineering.



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