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Invited Paper -- Low Correlation Zone Sequences -- Algorithmic Aspects -- Decimation Generator of Zadoff-Chu Sequences -- An Algorithm for Constructing a Fastest Galois NLFSR Generating a Given Sequence -- Acquisition Times of Contiguous and Distributed Marker Sequences: A Cross-Bifix Analysis -- Frequency Hopping -- Lower Bounds on the Average Partial Hamming Correlations of Frequency Hopping Sequences with Low Hit Zone -- New Families of Frequency-Hopping Sequences of Length mN Derived from the k-Fold Cyclotomy -- Multiple Access Systems -- User-Irrepressible Sequences -- New Optimal Variable-Weight Optical Orthogonal Codes -- Invited Paper -- Recent Results on Recursive Nonlinear Pseudorandom Number Generators -- Linear Complexity -- A General Approach to Construction and Determination of the Linear Complexity of Sequences Based on Cosets -- On the Autocorrelation and the Linear Complexity of q-Ary Prime n-Square Sequences -- An Improved Approximation Algorithm for Computing the k-Error Linear Complexity of Sequences Using the Discrete Fourier Transform -- Finite Fields -- Transformations on Irreducible Binary Polynomials -- Power Permutations in Dimension 32 -- Character Sums -- Multiplicative Character Sums with Counter-Dependent Nonlinear Congruential Pseudorandom Number Generators -- Ternary Kloosterman Sums Modulo 18 Using Stickelberger’s Theorem -- Merit Factor -- Appended m-Sequences with Merit Factor Greater than 3.34 -- FCSR -- A With-Carry Walsh Transform -- Clock-Controlled FCSR Sequence with Large Linear Complexity -- Vectorial Conception of FCSR -- Hadamard Matrices and Transforms -- Fourier Duals of Björck Sequences -- New Constructions of Complete Non-cyclic Hadamard Matrices, Related Function Families and LCZ Sequences -- Cryptography -- ?4-Nonlinearity of a Constructed Quaternary Cryptographic Functions Class -- A Public Key Cryptosystem Based upon Euclidean Addition Chains -- Optimal Authentication Codes from Difference Balanced Functions -- Invited Paper -- New Extensions and Applications of Welch-Bound-Equality Sequence Sets -- Statistical Analysis -- Evaluation of Randomness Test Results for Short Sequences -- Statistical Analysis of Search for Set of Sequences in Random and Framed Data -- Boolean Functions and Related Problems -- On the Nonlinearity of Discrete Logarithm in -- On a Conjecture about Binary Strings Distribution -- Nega–Hadamard Transform, Bent and Negabent Functions -- Synchronization of Boolean Dynamical Systems: A Spectral Characterization -- Nonbinary Sequences -- Some Constructions of Almost-Perfect, Odd-Perfect and Perfect Polyphase and Almost-Polyphase Sequences -- Almost p-Ary Perfect Sequences -- Sequences, Bent Functions and Jacobsthal Sums -- Infinite Sequences -- Infinite Sequences with Finite Cross-Correlation -- Invited Paper -- Reed Muller Sensing Matrices and the LASSO.

This book constitutes the proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Sequences and Their Applications held in Paris, France, in September 2010.

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