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Bounds on Quasi-Completeness -- Infinite Random Geometric Graphs from the Hexagonal Metric -- Saving on Phases: Parameterized Approximation for Total Vertex Cover -- On Graph Identification Problems and the Special Case of Identifying Vertices Using Paths -- Disjoint Set Forest Digraph Representation for an Efficient Dominator Tree Construction -- On Some Properties of Doughnut Graphs (Extended Abstract) -- On the Steiner Radial Number of Graphs -- Further Results on the Mycielskian of Graphs -- Approaches and Mathematical Models for Robust Solutions to Optimization Problems with Stochastic Problem Data Instances -- Faster Replacement Paths Algorithm for Undirected, Positive Integer Weighted Graphs with Small Diameter -- Acyclic Coloring with Few Division Vertices -- Degree Associated Edge Reconstruction Number -- Touring Polygons: An Approximation Algorithm -- Super Connectivity of the Generalized Mycielskian of Graphs -- A Graph Radio k-Coloring Algorithm -- Maximum Order of a Planar Oclique Is 15 -- Sufficient Condition for {C4, C2t} - Decomposition of K2m,2n – An Improved Bound -- Incomparability Graphs of Lattices II -- On Antimagic Labeling of Odd Regular Graphs -- A Graph Theoretic Model to Solve the Approximate String Matching Problem Allowing for Translocations -- Deterministic Fuzzy Automata on Fuzzy Regular ω-Languages -- Border Array for Structural Strings -- Computing the Partial Word Avoidability Indices of Ternary Patterns -- Computing a Longest Common Palindromic Subsequence -- Multiset, Set and Numerically Decipherable Codes over Directed Figures -- A Sequential Recursive Implementation of Dead-Zone Single Keyword Pattern Matching -- A Catalogue of Algorithms for Building Weak Heaps -- On Counting Range Maxima Points in Plane -- Indexing Highly Repetitive Collections -- Range Extremum Queries -- Design and Analysis of a Tree-Backtracking Algorithm for Multiset and Pure Permutations -- GRP CH Heuristic for Generating Random Simple Polygon.

This book constitutes the thoroughly referred post-workshop proceedings of the 23rd International Workshop on Combinatorial Algorithms, IWOCA 2012, held in Krishnankoil, Tamil Nadu, India, in July 2012. The 32 revised full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from a total of 88 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections in algorithms and data Structures, applications (including Bioinformatics, Networking, etc.), combinatorics of words and strings, combinatorial optimization, combinatorial enumeration, decompositions and combinatorial designs, complexity theory (structural and computational), computational biology and graph theory and combinatorics submissions.

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