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Advanced Variable Window Stereo Matching Algorithm -- Unfocused Blur Assessment of SAR -- Syntactic Sensitive Complexity for Symbol-Free Sequence -- Compression in Molecular Simulation Datasets -- Online-Learning Structural Appearance Model for Robust Visual Tracking -- Polygon-Location Method Based on Uyghur Text Regional Rules -- Study on the Electromagnetic Performance of Hydroelectric Generator Based on Intelligent Control -- Text-Independent Phoneme Segmentation via Learning Critical Acoustic Change Points -- Robustness Analysis of Z-type ZLE Solving -- Orthogonal Waveform Design Based on the Modified Chaos Genetic Algorithm for MIMO Radar -- Automatic Object Tracking in Aerial Videos via Spatial-temporal Feature Clustering -- A Neural Network for Parameter Estimation of the Exponentially Damped Sinusoids -- Local-Global Joint Decision Based Clustering for Airport Recognition -- Spatio-temporal Features for Efficient Video Copy Detection -- Improve Scene Classification by Using Feature and Kernel Combination -- Horror Text Recognition Based on Generalized Expectation Criteria -- A Representative-Sequence Based Near-Duplicate Video Detection Method -- Non-negative Sparse Coding Using Independent Multi-Codebooks for Near-Duplicate Image Detection -- Machine Vision Based Automatic Micro-parts Detection System -- Segment Based Depth Extraction Approach for Monocular Image with Linear Perspective -- A Fuzzy Mix-Prototype Clustering Algorithm for Leukemia Data Analysis -- Blind Image Quality Assessment with Semi-supervised Learning and Fuzzy Logic -- Research on Quality Improvement of Polarization Imaging in Foggy Conditions -- Human Interaction Recognition by Spatial Structure Models -- Robust Principal Component Analysis for Recognition -- Time-Varying Distributed Resource Allocation Based on Thermal Minority Game -- Salient Object Detection via Fast Iterative Truncated Nuclear Norm Recovery -- An Efficient Resource Allocation Method for Multimedia Cloud Computing -- Research and Application of Corrosion Prediction Based on GRA-SVR -- Data Map -- Strip Flatness and Gauge Multivariable Control at Cold Tandem Mill Based on Fuzzy RBF Neural Network -- Medical Image Segmentation Based on FCM and Wavelets -- Image Segmentation Based on NSCT and BF-PSO Algorithm -- Non-linear Feature Fusion Based on Polynomial Correlation Filter for Face Recognition -- Automated Tongue Segmentation Based on 2D Gabor Filters and Fast Marching -- Hyperspectral Medical Images Unmixing for Cancer Screening Based on Rotational Independent Component Analysis.-Harmonious Competition Learning for Gaussian Mixtures -- Color Image Segmentation Based-on SVM Using Mixed Features and Combined Kernel -- Co-expressing Patterns of Schizophrenia Candidate Genes in Brain Regions -- Boosting Deformable Part Model by Sample Sharing and Outlier Ablation -- Multi-cue Visual Tracking Based on Sparse Representation -- Visual Saliency Detection via Homology Distribution and Color Contrast -- A Comparative Study on Selecting Acoustic Modeling Units in Deep Neural Networks Based Large Vocabulary Chinese Speech Recognition -- Multi-level Linguistic Knowledge Based Chinese Grapheme-to-Phoneme Conversion -- Blind Quality Assessment on Binary Seal Images -- Image Super-Resolution Based on Data-Driven Gaussian Process Regression -- Face Recognition Based on Non-Subsampled Contourlet Transform and Multi-order Fusion Binary Patterns -- Texture-Aware Fast Global Level Set Evolution -- A Novel Metric for Image Denoising Algorithms -- Adaptive Weight Optimization for Classification of Imbalanced Data -- Fuzzy-PI Switch Control in Intermediate Frequency Heating Process of 3PE-Coating -- An Improved Method in Change Detection of Multitemporal Remote Sensing Image -- A Probability-Based Object Tracking Method -- Pedestrian Detection Based on Incremental Learning -- Sparsity Preserving Score for Joint Feature Selection -- Methods for Photomosaic Generation Based on Different Image Similarity and Division Strategies -- A Level Set with Shape Priors Using Moment-Based Alignment and Locality Preserving Projections -- An Improved Texture Feature Extraction Method for Tyre Tread Patterns -- Multi Gesture Recognition: A Tracking Learning Detection Approach -- An Automatic MSRM Method with a Feedback Based on Shape Information for Auroral Oval Segmentation -- An Improved ELM Algorithm Based on EM-ELM and Ridge Regression -- An Attitude Determination System of Quad-rotor Aircraft Based on Extended Kalman Filter and Data Fusion -- Connectivity of Clustered and Multi-type User CR Network: A Percolation Based Approach -- Patch-Based Tracking and Detecting for Visual Tracking -- Adaptive Regularization Parameters and Norm Selection for Sparse Gradient Based Image Restoration -- Key-Frame Selection Strategy Based on Edge Points Classification in 2D-to-3D Conversion -- Camera Localization and Pose Estimation Using an RGBD Sensor -- Sparse Brain Anatomical Network Based Classification of Schizophrenia Patients and Healthy Controls -- Sparse Learning for Face Recognition with Social Context -- Finger Vein Recognition Based on Gabor Filter -- Construction and Simulation Analysis for Stability Speed Parameter of Instantaneous Availability for One-Unit Repairable Systems -- Compressed Sensing Ensemble Classifier for Human Detection -- An Improved Particle Swarm Optimization for Complex Optimization Problems -- An Improved Method for Oriented Chamfer Matching -- Integrative Hypothesis Test and A5 Formulation: Sample Pairing Delta, Case Control Study and Boundary Based Statistics.

This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-conference proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Intelligence Science and Big Data Engineering, IScIDE 2013, held in Beijing, China, in July/August 2013. The 111 papers presented were carefully peer-reviewed and selected from 390 submissions. Topics covered include information theoretic and Bayesian approaches; probabilistic graphical models; pattern recognition and computer vision; signal processing and image processing; machine learning and computational intelligence; neural networks and neuro-informatics; statistical inference and uncertainty reasoning; bioinformatics and computational biology; and speech recognition and natural language processing.

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