Turbulence -- Experimental Methods -- Wind Energy -- Modelling, simulation, Mathematics -- Particle Laden Flows -- Convection, Boundary Layer -- Special Flows -- Vortex.

This third issue on "progress in turbulence" is based on the third ITI conference (ITI interdisciplinary turbulence initiative), which took place in Bertinoro, North Italy. Researchers from the engineering and physical sciences gathered to present latest results on the rather notorious difficult and essentially unsolved problem of turbulence. This challenge is driving us in doing basic as well as applied research. Clear progress can be seen from these contributions in different aspects. New sophisticated methods achieve more and more insights into the underlying complexity of turbulence. The increasing power of computational methods allows studying flows in more details. Increasing demands of high precision large turbulence experiments become aware. In further applications turbulence seem to play a central issue. As such a new field this time the impact of turbulence on the wind energy conversion process has been chosen. The structure of the present book is as such that contributions have been bundled according to covering topics i.e. I Turbulence, II Experimental Methods, III Wind Energy, IV Modeling & Simulation & Mathematics, V Particle Laden Flows, VI Convection & Boundary Layer, VII Special Flows and VIII Vortex.

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