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TABLE OF CONTENTS -- PLANTEMA MEMORIAL LECTURE: Fleet recovery and life extension - Some lessons learned, by G. Clark --  AIRWORTHINESS AND OTHER CONSIDERATIONS: Sticks and stones (Could the words of aeronautical fatigue hurt us?), by S. Swift -- Analysis of requirements on fatigue and damage tolerance for civil transport airplanes, by B.G. Nesterenko, G.I. Nesterenko -- Material selection and detailed design - Requirements and responsibilities of an accredited and qualified test laboratory, by  J. Gruner, S. Reichard, S. Goldbach,  J. Ridzewski, R. Franke, R. Best, Th. Fleischer -- ADVANCED MATERIALS AND INNOVATIVE STRUCTURAL CONCEPTS: Bombardier aerospace FSW demonstrator, by L.J.J. Kok, K. Poston, G. Moore --  Evaluation of fatigue crack growth behavior in FSW joint by experiment, analysis and elasto-plastic FEM, by T. Okada, K. Kuwayama, M. Asakawa, T. Nakamura, S. Machida, S. Fujita, H. Terada --  Recent development on bonded structures, by G. Delgrange, J.C. Ehrström -- Recent advancements in thin-walled hybrid structural technologies for damage tolerant aircraft fuselage applications, by R.C. Alderliesten, C.D. Rans, Th. Beumler, R. Benedictus -- Fatigue life assessment for composite structure, by A. Makeev, Y. Nikishkov -- Potential of CFRP used for light weight structures: Some experimental results, by Th. Fleischer, J. Ridzewski, M. Sachse, F. Schirmacher -- An implementation of an accelerated testing methodology to obtain static, creep and fatigue master curves of a T300/913 unidirectional composite material, by Y. Freed, S. Rzepka -- Improvement of vibration damping and flexural fatigue property incorporating nanoclay into glass/epoxy composite, by A. Kabir, S.V. Hoa -- Formation of a metal coating by means of friction stir processing, by D. Kocańda, A. Górka, D. Zasada -- Influence of the carbon nanotube type, loading and chemical functionalization on the fatigue resistance of aluminum lap joints, by I.D. Rosca, R. Mactabi, S.V. Hoa -- Fatigue damage behavior of glass/epoxy composites using carbon nanotubes as sensors, by H. Hena-Zamal, S.V. Hoa -- DSTO - NLR Collaborative programme on fatigue properties of beta-annealed Ti-6Al-4V: Preliminary results, by E. Amsterdam, A. Shekhter, S.A. Barter, M. McDonald, R.J.H. Wanhill --                                                                  Damage tolerance demonstration of flange joint for aircraft engine composite fan case, by Y. Ueda, H. Kuroki, T. Murooka, A. Tanaka, K. Miyazawa, I. Okumura, Y. Shigenari, K. Oikawa, H. Morita -- FATIGUE CRACK GROWTH AND LIFE PREDICTION METHODS: The formation/nucleation of fatigue cracks in aircraft structural materials, by D.W. Hoeppner -- Modelling of continuing damage for damage tolerance analysis, by Y. Bombardier, M. Liao, G. Renaud -- The critical importance of correctly characterising fatigue crack growth rates in the threshold regime, by K.F. Walker, S.A. Barter -- The relationships between crack closure, specimen compliance and effective fatigue crack growth rate, by D.L. Ball, J.K. Donald, M.A. James, R.J. Bucci -- Experimental and numerical study of stress and strain field around the rivet, by W. Wronicz, J. Kaniowski, B. Korzeniewski, E. Gadalinska -- Fatigue analyses of riveted lap-splice joints in a narrow-body aircraft, by J.C. Newman Jr., R. Ramakrishnan -- Crack growth rate curves: Which part dominates life prediction and when?, by C. Wallbrink, P. Jackson, W. Hu -- Critical distance for fatigue life prediction in aerospace materials, by Y. Yamashita, Y. Ueda, H. Kuroki -- A unified variable amplitude model for crack initiation and crack propagation, by A.B. Chattopadhyay, G. Glinka -- Development of an efficient methodology and tool to determine stress intensity correction factors for complex aircraft structures, by G. Renaud, M. Liao, Y. Bombardier -- Improved SIF calculation in riveted panel type structures using numerical simulation, by S.C. Mellings, J.M.W. Baynham, T.J. Curtin -- An 1D-Beam approach for both stress analysis and fatigue life prediction of bonded joints, by E. Paroissien, A. Da Veiga, A. Laborde -- Cyclic stress-strain and strain-life properties of aerospace metallic materials, by S.K. Walker, A.C. Quilter -- Crack propagation calculation for aluminium aircraft structures considering the influence of load sequences, by R. Buchholz -- Analysis of fatigue crack growth under random load sequences derived from military in-flight load data, by C. Mattrand, J.-M. Bourinet, D. Théret, M. Lemaire, P. Bernard, M. Fogli -- Statistical analysis of fatigue crack growth based on the unigrow model, by   S. Mikheevskiy, S. Bogdanov, G. Glinka -- Fatigue life estimation of structures subjected to vibratory loading, by M.  Fressinet, F. Fuchs, P. Madelpech -- A structural defect expansion model based on physical correlation, by S. Ito, S. Sugimoto, T. Okada --  STRUCTURAL HEALTH AND STRUCTURAL LOADS MONITORING: Link between flight maneuvers and fatigue J. Jylhä, M. Ruotsalainen, T. Salonen, H. Janhunen, I. Venäläinen, A. Siljander, A. Visa Health and usage monitoring of unmanned aerial vehicles using fiber-optic sensors I. Kressel, A. Handelman, Y. Botsev, J. Balter, P. Gud's, M. Tur, S. Gali, A.C.R. Pillai, M.H. Prasad, A.K. Yadav, N. Gupta, S. Sathya, R. Sundaram Airframe loads & usage monitoring of the CH-47D "Chinook" helicopter of the Royal Netherlands Air Force, by A. Oldersma, M.J. Bos -- Damage detection system for automated hot spot monitoring based on different technologies used in component testing for shot peening validation, by C. Stolz, M. Neumair, L. Benassi -- Memorization and detection of an arrested crack in foam-core sandwich structures using embedded metal wires and fiber-optic sensors, by S. Minakuchi, N. Takeda, Y. Hirose -- Structural load monitoring systems for military aircraft in the Polish armed forces with examples of selected activities, by M. Kurdelski, S. Klimaszewski, A. Leski -- FULL SCALE FATIGUE TESTING OF AIRCRAFT AND AIRCRAFT COMPONENTS: A320 ESG Full scale fatigue test-Lessons learned, by G. Hilfer, N. Roessler, C. Peters, C. Herrmann -- New connection strap concepts for A320 wheel well area tested during the airbus A320 extended service goal full scale fatigue test, by N. Cenic, B. Zapf, T. Haberle -- Full-scale static and fatigue testing of composite fuselage section, by R. Kothari -- Durability and damage tolerance evaluation of VaRTM composite wing structure, by Y. Aoki, Y Hirano, S. Sugimoto, Y. Iwahori, Y. Nagao, T. Ohnuki -- Development of load spectrum for full scale fatigue test of a trainer aircraft, by A. Leski, P. Reymer, M. Kurdelski -- INSERVICE EXPERIENCE, LIFE EXTENSION AND MANAGEMENT OF AGEING FLEETS: ATR Life extension project, by M. Cajani, R. Ciotola, J. David, J. Salvi -- Benefits of using a risk process in ASIP - The CF-18 experience, by Y. Beauvais -- Integrated probabilistic analysis of damage tolerance and risk for airframe structural locations, by W. Hu, R.F. Torregosa -- Aircraft joints and corrosion control, by U.H. Tiong, G. Clark -- A case study of nose landing gear failure caused by fatigue, by V.Y. Guertsman -- Test method for determining the effect of chromate primers on fatigue crack growth, by Y. Lee, S.E. Galyon Dorman, M.J. Hammond -- Life extension: Fatigue lifetime updating of the french Xingu fleet, by P. Madelpech, D. Théret, M.  Fressinet, M. Despujols, B. André -- Fatigue life of cold expanded fastener holes at short edge margins, by G.M. Vallières, D.L. DuQuesnay -- Environmentally assisted cracking in advanced aerospace aluminums, by E. M. Arnold,  J. J. Schubbe, P. J. Moran, R. Bayles -- An overview of fretting aspects relating to aero-engine dovetail attachment, by R.V. Prakash, K. Anandavel, P. Balasubramani -- Fatigue analysis of the compressor blades with v-notches, by L. Witek -- FATIGUE LIFE ENHANCEMENT METHODS AND REPAIR SOLUTIONS: Fatigue and residual strength performance of bonded repairs to metallic fuselage, by J.G. Bakuckas Jr, B. Westerman -- Life extension techniques for aircraft structures - Extending durability and promoting damage tolerance through bonded crack retarders, by P.E. Irving, X. Zhang, J. Doucet, D. Figueroa-Gordon, M. Boscolo, M. Heinimann, G. Shepherd, M.E. Fitzpatrick, D. Liljedahl -- Damage tolerance of adhesive bonded stiffened panels: Experimental and analytical investigation of the fatigue crack propagation underneath the stringers, by I.Meneghin, G. Molinari, G. Ivetic,  E. Troiani -- Development of a new fiber metal laminate variant optimized for cold expansion and riveting of holes, by D. Backman, T. Sears, E.A. Patterson -- Applying the damage tolerance approach to expanded bushing and rivetless nut plate installations, by L. Reid -- Fatigue life improvement of metallic aerospace structures via crenellations, by M.V. Uz, Y.J. Chen, N. Huber -- Fatigue life improvement using in-situ robotic processes, by Z. Hajjar, B. Leblanc -- Investigations into the fatigue enhancement provided by the hole cold expansion process using accurate 3D FEA simulations and fatigue testing, by S.J. Houghton, S.K. Campbell, A.D.  James -- Characterisation of fatigue and crack propagation in laser shock peened open hole 7075-T73 aluminium specimens, by G. Ivetic, I. Meneghin, E. Troiani, G. Molinar, A. Lanciotti, V. Ristori, J.L. Ocaña, M. Morales, J.A. Porro, C. Polese, A.M. Venter -- HELICOPTER FATIGUE AND DAMAGE TOLERANCE: Damage tolerance of titanium alloy rotorcraft components:  Advantages and challenges, by X. Li, B.R. Krasnowski, W.P. Green -- NH90 qualification according to damage tolerance and damage tolerance for composite parts, by A. Struzik -- Damage tolerance for composite parts, by R. Pfaller -- Towards weight savings for damage tolerant masts and drive shafts, by W.P. Green, B.R. Krasnowski, X. Li -- Challenges in damage tolerance approach for dynamic loaded rotorcraft components .

Proceedings of the 26th Symposium of the International Committee on Aeronautical Fatigue are a widely referenced summary of advances in aeronautical design against fatigue. This is a bi-annual event and the proceedings have been published in book form for over 35 years.

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