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A Cloud-Based Multi-functional e-Meeting System by Flash-Based Multimedia Technology for Higher Education on the WebELS System -- Disparity-Constrained Resolution Adaptation for Stereoscopic Images -- Facial Point Detection with Occlusion Insensitive Visibility-Aware Part Model -- 3-D Geometry Enhanced Superpixels for RGB-D Data -- Graph-Based Label Propagation with Dissimilarity Regularization -- Localize and Segment Scene Text -- Multi-class Cosegmentation with Pairwise Active Learning -- Cross-View Gait-Based Gender Classification by Transfer Learning -- Hierarchical Block Size Decision for H.264/AVC Intra Prediction -- Scale Selection in SIFT Flow for Robust Dense Image Matching -- Adaptive Weighted Prediction for Scalable Video Coding Based on HEVC -- Saliency Detection Using DCT Coefficients and Superpixel-Based Segmentation -- High Quality Image Deblurring Scheme Using the Pyramid -- Hyper-Laplacian L2 Norm Priors Algorithm -- Improved Rotating Kernel Transformation Based Contourlet Domain Image Denoising Framework -- Hand Dorsal Vein Recognition Based on Shape Representation of the Venous Network -- Edge-Respecting Image Smoothing via Extrema Interpolation -- Image Retargeting by Combining Region Warping and Occlusion -- Automatic 3D Prostate MR Image Segmentation Using Graph Cuts and Level Sets with Shape Prior -- Improving PMVS Algorithm for 3D Scene Reconstruction from Sparse Stereo Pairs -- Fast HEVC Encoding with GPU Assisted Reference Picture Selection -- A Real-Time Mesh Animation Framework Using Kinect -- Geo-referenced Tourist Attraction Photo Tagging by Mining Community Photo Collections -- Improving Histogram-Based Image Registration in Video Sequences through Warping -- Fusing Multiple Visual Features for Image Complexity Evaluation -- An Invisible Gorilla: Is It a Matter of Focus of Attention? -- Fine-Grained Image Classification Using Color Exemplar Classifiers -- Smart Thumbnail: Automatic Image Cropping by Mining Canonical Query Objects -- An Efficient Zigzag Scanning and Entropy Coding Architecture Design -- Guided Depth Enhancement via Anisotropic Diffusion -- A Novel Hardware-Based UHD Video Up-Scaler Based on Local Structure Estimation -- Binary Adaptive Luminance Mapping for Motion Estimation -- Adaptive Video Super-Resolution Based on Superpixel-Guided Auto-Regressive Model -- Motion Estimation for Video Coding Based on Subspace Pursuit -- Image Classification by Iterative Semi-Supervised Sparse Coding -- Cross-Codebook Image Classification -- Spatio-temporal SURF for Human Action Recognition -- Human Action Recognition by Mining Discriminative Segment with Novel Skeleton Joint Feature -- Multi-cue Based Multi-target Tracking with Boosted -- Person Re-identification by Smooth Metric Learning -- Venue Semantics: Multimedia Topic Modeling of Social Media Contents -- Conditional Random Fields for Image Region Labeling with Global Observation -- Auditory Context Recognition Combining Discriminative and Generative Models -- An Integrated Model for Bayesian Learning of Sparse Representation and Classifier Training -- Generalized N-Dimensional PCA for Compact Representation of Medical Volumes and Effective Mode Selection by Adaboost -- Constructing Hierarchical Visual Tree for Discriminative Image Representation and Classification -- Group Sparse Ensemble Learning for Visual Concept Detection -- High-Level Video Semantic Concept Detection Based on Multi-level Feature -- The Impact of Global and Local Features on Multiple Sequence Alignment Clustering-Based Near-Duplicate Video Retrieval -- Saliency Detection-Based Mixture of Reality and Non-Photorealistic Rendering Effects for Artistic Visualization -- Real-Time Multi-pedestrian Tracking Based on Vision and Depth Information Fusion -- Traffic Sign Detection Based on Camera Imaging -- Recommend Social Network Users Favorite Brands -- Event Representation and Visualization from Social Media -- Online Web-Video Topic Detection and Tracking with Semi-supervised Learning -- Temporal Context Analysis for Action Recognition in Multi-agent -- Target Detection Based on Kernel Density Estimation Combined with Correlation Coefficient -- A Belief Based Correlated Topic Model for Semantic Region Analysis in Far-Field Video Surveillance Systems -- Weakly Supervised Compressive Tracking with Effective Prediction Model -- A Wavelet Model of Ganglion Cells Array and Its Application in Image Representation -- Thorough Evaluation of the Discriminabilities of Four Voting Schemes in the Generation of Histogram of Orientation -- Texture Classification via Local Feature Representation of Multi-order Gradients -- Compact and Robust Image Fingerprints Based on CCA of Local Features -- A Large Scale Audio Fingerprinting System.

This book constitutes the proceedings of the 14th Pacific-Rim Conference on Multimedia, PCM 2013, held in Nanjing, China, in December 2013. The 30 revised full papers and 27 poster papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 153 submissions. The papers cover a wide range of topics in the area of multimedia content analysis, multimedia signal processing and communications, and multimedia applications and services.

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